Quarters’ Communique
from Servants’ Quarters Fellowship
For Sunday, November 29, 2020

Pray for Our Nation!!!
Christians are to be responsible people. We can give Godly direction to our nation through our prayers. Pray for those elected to offices that they might be sensitive to the leading of the Lord.

Ministry Giving This Month
Part of your general ministry giving this month will go to “The Cooperative Program” world ministries, Florida Baptist Children’s Home’s “Sanctity of Human Life” support, and Samaritan’s Purse “Clean Water” program.

Gifts of Love Food Boxes in November
We will be donating food boxes to Gifts of Love food ministry in Edgewater during November. During 2020 we are doing “Covid Cash” instead of assembling the boxes ourselves. Mark your gift “food boxes.”

“A Christmas Sharing of The Meaningful and The Memorable”
I am asking you to help make this a most Memorable and Meaningful Christmas Season. This “M&M” Christmas will mean you will. . .
1) Go to
2) Click on “Christmas Scripture”
3) Pick the most Meaningful “verse” to you
4) Write the verse and why it is meaningful to you
5) Write about a most Memorable Christmas occurrence
6) Email it all to
7) Your “M&M” may be shared in worship

Quarters’ Christmas Concerts before each Service
Our musicians will be sharing Meaningful and Memorable music before each service during this season.